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Sleep Surgery Education

Dr. Dedhia in the OR with a resident.

Dr. Dedhia in the operating room with an otolaryngology resident.

Sleep Surgery Center Director Dr. Raj Dedhia is highly invested in education. In addition to his teaching activities involving medical students, residents, and fellows, he publishes regularly and is a frequent speaker at national meetings of such organizations as the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery, and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

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Otolaryngology Residency

Dr. Dedhia trains Emory otolaryngology residents in sleep medicine and sleep surgery at the Emory Clinic, in the operating room, and in classroom sessions.

Sleep Medicine Fellowship

The Emory Sleep Center of the Department of Medicine offers a one-year, post-doctoral Sleep Medicine Fellowship. The ACGME-approved program, directed by Nancy A. Collop, MD, teaches the appropriate technical skills and ability to interpret polysomnography and other diagnostic tools used in sleep medicine.

The sleep surgery module of the sleep medicine fellowship is led by Dr. Dedhia, and covers advanced sleep surgery techniques, including drug-induced sedated endoscopy, septorhinoplasty, expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty, hypoglossal nerve stimulation, and maxillo-mandibular advancement.

Otolaryngology fellows accepted into the sleep fellowship will spend 20% of their time teaching sleep surgery. Training locations include Dr. Dedhia's general sleep medicine clinic at the Emory Sleep Center clinic, the operating room, and the classroom.

Dr. Dedhia at is the sleep surgery contact for the fellowship. To apply to the sleep medicine fellowship, contact Nancy Collop or Program Coordinator Linda Howell.